Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World introduces “the glam to hardcore diaries of Thurston Moore and Jocko Weyland.” These are not diaries in the traditional sense, but rather, visual artworks, based on the personal recollections of the alternative music scenes of each artist’s formative years. Moore and Weyland, both primarily known for work in other mediums, have created photomontages and photographs respectively, which explore the original incendiary allure of youthful rock n’ roll fandom from both the 1970s and 1980s.

Thurston Moore’s perspective is that of a constantly experimenting and continually performing musician who is also an unabashed rock fan. A self-described archivist, Thurston Moore has created a visually compelling series of photomontages entitled Street Mouth created from photographs and clippings originally culled as a teenager during the 1970s. Fragmented images of rock idols, including Lou Reed, Patti Smith, and Tom Verlaine reconstruct a seminal moment in rock n’ roll history from a distinctively personal and also contemporary vantage.

Jocko's Weyland’s small-scale, close-up photographs of his album collection from the hardcore era (1980s), resonate with a distinctively personal recollection of teenage passion for records and album covers. The resulting images that display the cracks in the cardboard, fingerprints, and other signs of obsessive use are a testament to how important and life-changing they were and how the covers and lyric sheets were often as important as the music itself. These photographs are an homage to the iconoclasts both the known and the unsung who created the art and music.

Thurston Moore is a founding member of Sonic Youth (1981), and driving force behind many other live and recorded music projects, as well as a poet and the editor of the Ecstatic Peace Poetry Review.

"I am basing the work on exercises I did as a teenager cutting out pictures from Rock Scene, Creem and Circus magazines and collaging them as an obsessive diarist. Doing this work now utilizing some kind of punk Photoshop method where I can actually drop myself and other referentials into the pieces has allowed me at age 47 to create an ongoing open-heart bio-historagophy."
Thurston Moore 8-2005

Jocko Weyland is the author of The Answer is Never: A Skateboarder’s History of the World (Grove Press, 2002) and is the editor and publisher Elk.

"These are photographs of the records I bought from the age of 13 to 18 during the great punk, hardcore and related music flowering of the late 1970s and early 1980s. I lived in a small isolated Colorado Mountain town and punk rock was my savior, with these albums (almost all self-produced and often bought through mail order at $5 a record, including shipping) as its talismans."
Jocko Weyland 8-2005