KS Art is proud to present a selected survey of ten years of drawings and prints by Suzanne McClelland. Known for her gestural, language-based paintings, this is the first New York exhibition dedicated to the artist's graphic work. This is a rare opportunity to trace and examine McClelland's intimate working and thinking processes through a selection of over fifty works.

The works presented explore words McClelland chooses for the implications and the disparate voices they emit. McClelland's material fluidity gives form to the ephemerality of speech and to the physical energy of "conversation". Her drawings reveal an artist who takes chances, with her materials and with her ideas. Employing unusual materials as graphic tools, she draws words as if they were objects, giving them shadow, scale and character. She invents a context in which the acts of seeing and reading generously expand upon each other.

Suzanne McClelland's work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. She has had solo exhibitions at the Orlando Museum of Art (2001), The Weatherspoon Art Gallery at the University of North Carolina (1997), and her work was included in the Whitney Biennial (1993). Her work is also featured in Phaidon Press's recent publication, Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting (2002).