Chip Hughes
Sadie Laska
Jocko Weyland

October 5 - November 5, 2011
Opening: Wednesday, October 5, 6 - 8pm

K.S. Art is pleased to present Scruffy: paintings by Chip Hughes, Sadie Laska, and Jocko Weyland. Scruffy is an exhibition of work by artists who propagate un-manicured works and whose creative process involves the degenerative, decidedly unfinished re-processing of images. Their paintings, however considered and well crafted according to their own terms are made by artists who eschew "professional polish," preferring instead, the casual and the indeterminate.

The artists were asked to comment about their contributions to Scruffy:

"I didn't have much time to organize my thoughts into anything solid. Sorry. But here's a list of thoughts I had while working on the paintings over the summer: "Disfiguration. Defacement. Vulgarity of color. Over-tasking. Bad ideas. Agitation. Rupture. Handmade. Scrappy Glory. Undetermined. Untidy. Internal energy."
--Sadie Laska

"Ok so this is kind of how I think about the paintings: like a t-shirt or a tv or monitor twisted offering something that is clear and unclear...images, words, symbols that have been altered, corrupted, destructed, inverted, reversed, confused, misused. And denied."
--Chip Hughes

"I never really painted. As an adult, it's been all photography and writing and making zines. I knew I couldn't 'paint well,' but I could try to evoke and represent to a certain degree like learning how to paint awkwardly at age forty-four, not painting like a painter, but somehow trying to teach myself how to paint and learn as I go...I'm working with second or third generation photocopies after the colors start to look really nice (to me) and the subject is sort of 'recognizable,' but not totally and I like that ambiguity."
--Jocko Weyland