Robert Barber - "1964", September 10 - October 30, 2016 Kerry Schuss presents Robert Barber's dynamic, large-scale, colorful abstract paintings from 1964. Measuring up to six feet square these works focus on color and the materiality of the medium and its application. Barber's quick emphatic gestures, blocks of strokes in sharply contrasting hues form into loose, optically percussive grids. He rendered them in thick layers and swathes of oil paint using wide brushes to form impastoed surfaces that include drips, drops, and splatters complimenting the overall composition. The legacy of Abstract Expressionism is evident in their gestural immediacy. The paintings have strong formal affinities to those of Hans Hoffmann, Willem De Kooning, Philip Guston, and Joan Mitchell. Although produced over half century ago, this work strongly reverberates with the today's abstract painting by artists like Gunther Forg, Mary Heilmann, and Stanley Whitney.

Robert Barber solo booth - Independent 2016, March 3 - 6, 2016

Robert Barber - Freeway Paintings 1970-74M, March 20 - April 24, 2016. Kerry Schuss introduced the work of Robert Barber at Independent New York 2016. This expanded gallery presentation will be his first New York solo exhibition. Inspired by highway underpasses and overpasses observed during a family trip to San Francisco, Barber began his series of "Freeway Paintings" in 1970. He used these banal, yet monumental constructions, as the basis for small-scaled geometric abstractions, incorporating bold colors in elemental, constructivist verticals, horizontals and diagonals. There are traces of realistic depiction from close observation and drawing of the then under-construction University of Arizona stadium. He further abstracted the subject matter into larger scale multi-panel canvases from 1973-74.