KS Art is pleased to present Jeff Davis’ first solo exhibition. The show will be comprised of recent work in three media; colored pencil drawings, watercolors and wax sculpture. Concurrently, Davis’ work will be included in “Greater New York 2005” at P.S. 1 in Queens.

With an extremely light touch Davis presents us with images of mythic figures in pseudo allegorical poses. These mock rites depict scenes of illumination, exchange and decay conflating myths of religion and sexuality. A constant throughout the work is the portrayal of light as evidenced by its absence in the wax sculptures which take the form of burned out candles cast in the shape of life-size heads of human / monster hybrids.

Jeff Davis’ work has been recently seen in “Curious Crystals” at P.S. 1, Q ueens, NY. 6-2004, -“Sign of the Covenant”, John Connelly Presents, NY. NY. 9-2004, “Colored Pencil”, KS Art, NY. NY. 4-2004 and -“My People Were Fair”, Team Gallery, NY 10- 2003.

Davis’ drawings will also be included in upcoming book-form drawing survey from Phaidon Press entitled “Vitamin D”.