Collages: June - July 1973, May 29 - June 30, 2014
Collages, February 15 - March 18, 2006

BIRDIE LUSCH (1903-1988), a self-taught artist who lived in Columbus, Ohio, and worked most of her life in factories, began making artwork as a teenager. A passionate collector of rocks and fossils, Lusch used these found materials and many others to make collages and assemblages of manifest simplicity which seemed to possess a deep, latent content and a "sophisticated" conceptuality. It is this conceptuality which oddly links her to the most revolutionary of "moderns" whose movements and ideas were essentially unknown to her.

A keen sense of humor and playful experimentation pervades much of her work, as in her "Flower/Vase" collages in which the same subject is presented in endless variation. It is in these exquisitely executed collages made from deftly selected and cut images from magazines in which Lusch displayed her innate sense of composition and feeling for color.

Much of her work includes, phrases, sentences and poetry because Birdie Lusch, who signed her pieces with the outline of a little bird, was also a poet.

Her first one-person exhibition was in New York at K.S. Art was a comprehensive survey, with works dating from 1922 to 1988 by this unique artist.