January 18 - February 22, 2015

Bill Adams This exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Bill Adams reveals his continuing investigation of the relationship between paint and image. His paintings which are made on coarse linen and range up to eight feet high, represent the heads of men and women in economical lines rendered, seemingly, with swift gestures, and greatly enlarged to colossal effect.

May 24 - June 30, 2012

Bill Adams: - Finalist In multiple mediums of pen, paint and etching, over time and in sequence, Bill Adams expands his ongoing cat motif into new territory. He morphs and mutates an archetypical feline into blue-infused drawn forms. Flora melds into fauna and odd structures undergo metamorphosis, with hybrid offshoots taking on strange, enthralling, and mysterious lives. This cast of characters is situated in a primeval vista extending deep into the horizon. A variety of vegetative rocky mounds, water towers, and weird ancient-future cubic formations shape cyclopean visages that stare out at the viewer with the coherence of unforgettable images.

September 18 - October 24, 2009

KS ART presents Bill Adams: I'm Back, Damnit recent paintings and drawings. A one-person exhibition of recent paintings and drawings by Bill Adams. Works in this season's inaugural exhibition include shape-shifting portraits of frequently anthropomorphic characters: one-eyed felines, duck-billed humans, and armies of unnamable, darkly furry creatures all of which dissolve the boundaries between rational man and id-like beast.

May 3 - June 10, 2006

KS ART presents Bill Adams: New Work, an exhibition of recent paintings and drawings. Adams' works are crowded with figures and creatures, dissolving boundaries between civilized man and untamed beast. These pictures evoke an embattled psychology of ”life during wartime”, with an immediacy of line, spontaneity of form, and an urgency of purpose.

In Adams’ large-scale oil paintings on canvas, colorful crowds of masked figures, stacks of cut-off heads and other creatures populate an architecture of oil rigs in post-industrial landscapes. Painted with dispatch these works plumb the unconscious. The drawings are made with watercolor, colored pencil, and most prominently ballpoint pen which almost pierces the skin of the paper, a formal correlative for the manner in which these drawings also manage to get under the skin of the viewer.

This exhibition is the artist’s fourth one-person show, and his second at KS ART. Adam's previous show in 2004 received reviews in The New York Times and The New Yorker. Bill Adams lives and works in New York.

February 19 – March 27, 2004

KS Art is proud to present recent paintings and drawings by Bill Adams. The exhibition will consist of a large group of small-scaled works on paper made primarily with ballpoint pen and a select group of oil paintings on canvas.

The imagery in these works derives from a variety of sources that implode into an anamorphic landscape. These spaces contain a cast that includes: cats, men with beards, dogs, protesters, elephants, and a changeling. The evolution from picture to picture charts the intense re-workings that characterize Adams’ practice.

This exhibition coincides with the publication of Bill Adams Mug, an artists’ book published by Regency Arts Press. Mug is a collection of ballpoint pen drawings that alternates between iconic cat portraits and group apparitions. Copies of Mug will be available for purchase at the gallery.