Announcing the publication of Bill Adams, "MUG"
Artist's book by Regency Arts Press

KS Art is proud to present recent paintings and drawings by Bill Adams. The exhibition will consist of a large group of small-scaled works on paper made primarily with ballpoint pen and a select group of oil paintings on canvas.

The imagery in these works derives from a variety of sources that implode into an anamorphic landscape. These spaces contain a cast that includes: cats, men with beards, dogs, protesters, elephants, and a changeling. The evolution from picture to picture charts the intense re-workings that characterize Adams' practice.

This exhibition coincides with the publication of Bill Adams Mug, an artists' book published by Regency Arts Press. Mug is a collection of ballpoint pen drawings that alternates between iconic cat portraits and group apparitions. Copies of Mug will be available for purchase at the gallery.

Bill Adams work has most recently been exhibited at Gorney Bravin & Lee and John Connelly Presents in New York, and Acme Gallery in Los Angeles. Reviews and reproductions appeared in 2003 in The New York Times and Time Out New York.