May 10 - June 15, 2019

Kerry Schuss is please to present an exhibition of works by three New York artists: sculptures by Mitchell Algus and Mary Carlson and a single painting by Robert Moskowitz.

Four pedestal scale pieces by Algus consist entirely of seashells that he collects from beaches near his home on Long Island. Assembled into lacy, airy constructions suggesting parts of an underwater reef, the sculptures have a dreamy, surrealistic feeling while also asserting, like Chinese scholar rocks, the aesthetically fascinating physicality of the natural world.

Carlson's five, small, sensuously glazed porcelain sculptures represent male and female figures interacting with demons. From an ongoing series based on images found in European Medieval paintings. These exquisitely rendered transformations from old paintings into new sculptures evoke a miniature world driven by the struggle between Good and Evil.

Moskowitz's painting, "Jack for Jack" made in 1996-2005, depicts distant automobile headlights emerging out of nocturnal darkness. With its finely textured surfaces made in shades of black except for the white dots of the headlights, and because of the wide-angle proportions of the canvas, the painting has a cinematic feeling, like a still from a classic film noir.